40mm Cartridges as Standard

All Bella Mixers come with 40mm cartridges as standard, preferred by professional renovators, plumbers and customers. The 40mm cartridge allows less movement in the ceramic plates and a better water flow. A cartridge leaking is one of the main causes of a problem in a mixer and this is often found in a smaller cartridge […]

High grade brass and chrome

Another common problem is splitting of mixers, due to inferior brass and deteriorating chrome, supplied to the Australian market. Not the Bella. Only the highest grade of brass and chrome are used to meet Australian Standards.

Double O ring design as standard

All Bella tapware comes with a double O ring design. This is particularly important with Australian water conditions as the double O ring design stops leaks on the spindle and excess wear over years of use.

Popular stand alone Baths

Stand alone stone baths are here to stay and we love them! BathroomWest’s Designer collection of free standing baths are luxurious, modern, elegant and very comfortable. Freestanding baths are becoming more popular due to the fantastic design statement they make. Only freestanding baths can give you the elegant, sophisticated feel like you are in a […]

Reliability now has style

The Bella Sink and Basin Mixer Range is Exclusive, Beautiful and Reliable! The Bella Mixers are one of BathroomWest’s bestselling mixer taps. The Bella range is built on reliability and quality craftsmanship. Originally manufactured in Perth by Mania National in 1987, the Bella range of taps has been released under many a name by many […]

Stylish and Simple Design

The design, materials and weight of the Bella sink Mixer make it flexible in just about any kitchen. Its sleek design makes adaptable for the most modern kitchen through to and older federation look. Its ease of use makes it usable by just about those of any age, making it great around kids and the […]

Exclusive Tapware Range to BathroomWest

BathroomWest has 3 main lines of tapware within its range, these include the Bella, Handel and Lux ranges. The Bella Range: Out of our taps the Bella is the most extensive in choice offering crosshead designs, lever designs and mixer taps. The Bella Mixer is a basic range of tapware and is common in many […]

The Handel Range

The Handel range is BathroomWest’s pin lever range of mixers and 3 piece sets. The pin lever design is perfect for any contemporary bathroom that wants a minimalistic yet stylish appearance and is specified in many new builds. The Handel Range is exclusive to BathroomWest and like the Bella, the Handel range comes backed with […]

Australian Warranty

All BathroomWest’s products from our supplier Mania, come backed with a Genuine Australian warranty. As our products are locally engineered, we can give this guarantee and assurance of high quality and performance of our product for the years ahead.

The Lux Range

Released in 2008 by Mania’s to accommodate the European trend towards geometric and “square” designs for Australian bathrooms. The criticism of some of the existing square style in the market, was the lack of durability and poor finish. Mania went to the drawing board and the Lux was born. With all the standard features as […]