How to make warranty claims ?

BathroomWest Australian Warranty Claims
You will need to have your purchase Invoice/receipt & number readily available, as well as a photo of your product, you can take a photo with your mobile device.

Please locate and scan your invoice/receipt and save it to your computer. If you are using a tablet PC, perhaps a friend with a scanner could do this for you and email a digital copy to you.

Once you have a digital copy of the document, please complete the intention to claim warranty form below and tell us the circumstances and reason for claiming warranty on your product using the message box and press submit. (You can also tick the box to send a copy to yourself as a reference)

One of our warranty specialists will contact you by email to assist you with your claim and provide you with a warranty claim number. Once you receive your claim number from our warranty specialist, you may go ahead and send a digital copy of your invoice/receipt and product photo to us by replying to the email.

Please use your Claim Number in the subject line when replying to the email we send you.